September 02, 2015, How I wear

White shirt


A white shirt is a must-have item in every woman’s closet. It can be worn in all kinds of combinations – short sleeves, long sleeves, sleeveless, with or without buttons, made from lace, frilled, classic...

It goes well with almost anything; from boyfriend jeans, elegant black trousers or a tight skirt to printed trousers or a long evening skirt. It can give you business elegance or a seductive, sporty casual look, no matter your age.

A white shirt also goes really well with various styles of footwear. I like to have at least one spare pair of shoes in my car because, with almost any combination, this allows me to start my day in high heels for work and end it in trainers when I go and get an ice cream with my grandson.

Lipica part 2 White shirt RELAIS AND CHATEAU Grey faux fur le specs White shirt Grey jeans culottes red hat ripped jeans 4. 4. long vest Black jeans wide pants
wide pants


wide pants

Silk scarf

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