September 09, 2015, How I wear



The eternal jeans. It may sound like a cliché, but they always have been and always will be in style. They are practical and indispensable. An equally important part of a woman’s wardrobe and I choose them and wear them as such. They can be worn on various occasions: out around town or in the countryside, going shopping or hanging out with your friends or having a trendy business lunch. In all seasons and at any age. But don’t forget! First, fashion does and don’ts apply when choosing jeans as well; and second, never throw away jeans fashion items – if they’re not very trendy now, they will definitely be back one day and will brighten your day.


cape and jeans Faux fur coat black blazer Lipica part 3 jeans 4. 4. ripped jeans
ripped jeans

Adam & me

ripped jeans

Equipment shirt

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