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My birthday

My birthday

Today is my 50th birthday, which marks the 50th Avenue that this blog is named after. When someone asks how I feel, I answer without hesitation - EXCELLENT. Not one anniversary has passed without my contemplating my life and taking a look at myself. Each decade has brought a host of experiences, and I'm lucky that the nice ones far outweighed the bad – those simply got left behind.
Anyway, I don't feel old, but instead excited to be 50 years young. After all, it doesn't matter how old you are, but how you perceive it. Another decade means another opportunity for new dreams to be born and come true, as has been in the past.
The best things that have happened to me are Nika, Matic and Aleksej. My love for them is eternal, never-ending, deep and unconditional. Nika (26) has her own family, home, job, and a beautiful 30-month old boy named Aleksej. Matic (24) still lives with me and is going to graduate from Faculty of Law this year. I’m proud of them, as well as of my husband Janko, who has helped me live my dream for the past years.
I start each day with a smile, so that I can be open to wonderful things. This is one of those days, because I'm going to spend it with my closest friends: my husband, children, son-in-law, and parents (I'm glad that they’re still so vital, even at 80 years of age).
I'm off to Tuscany tomorrow, and you'll hear from me again from there.

I love you,

Dress: Just Cavalli
Sandals: Aquazurra
Boots: Hogl
Bag: Chanel


My birthday My birthday My birthday My birthday My birthday My birthday
My birthday

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My birthday

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