The Fierce 50


Today, Feb 19th, marks the launch of the first annual Fierce 50 Campaign, bringing together 50 female bloggers  over the age of 50 in a celebration of midlife on the 50th day of the year! Our intention is to wake up the brands and to shake things up a bit. It is time for us to come together and unite as one to show our support and love for one another. Our goal is to end competition with one another and to show the world that we are not afraid to tell our true age.

I would like to say special thanks to Cathy Williamson @themiddlepageblog on IG and creator of The Middle Page Blog for inviting me to this incredible campaign that is bringing together a lot of beautiful and talented women.

I’m honored to introduce you to my fellow Fashion Blogger Maureen Johnson Kocsis (https://decoratemeagemazing.wordpress.com/). I was so happy when I found out that my partner in The Fierce 50 campaign was Maureen simply because we have at least two things in common – fashion and sunglasses. I feel like the sunglasses are a cherry on top of the cake when picking a wardrobe. And as far as I can see, she understands that. We never met because of the distance between us, but I can tell that she is a lot of fun. She loves to experiment with clothes, she likes shopping in flea markets and 'taking an autumn walk in the crisp cool air'. And like me she is totally dedicated to her grandsons. She has seven! That's a lot of joy!

I hope that one day I will meet her and all the other fierce 50 women, have some coffee and talk about everything that entails our lives.

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