September 25, 2020,




Ljubljana is my city. The city where I was born and still live in today. It is the capital city of the Republic of Slovenia and has approximately 300,000 inhabitants. I like big European cities, but the small size and diversity of Ljubljana offers the quality of life that inspires me and fills me with energy day by day. Ljubljana is friendly, clean, with plenty of green areas, and clean drinking water courtesy of the public water supply.

Ljubljana is situated about halfway between Vienna and Venice, the Alps and the Mediterranean; it has an ideal geo-strategic position and my most favourite – all four seasons which enable endless fashion selection and combination; I can wear anything from snow boots to sandals, from wool scarves to straw hats, from light blouse to fur coats, etc.

Ljubljana is not a top shopping destination, however one of the charms of its position is that I can wake up on a sunny day, sit in the car and be drinking coffee in St. Mark’s Square in Venice or by the lake Wörthersee in Velden within two hours. Some of the best weekend getaways are also a four-hour ride to shopping centres in Milan, Vienna, or Munich.

Similarly, but in the opposite direction, more and more visitors from neighbouring countries come to our capital city and enjoy its peace and outstanding culinary delights. You can find out more about my Ljubljana at; and I will reveal to you some of my favourite locations which I highly recommend that you visit when you are in Ljubljana!


My favourite restaurant and bar where I can have a quick business lunch, romantic dinner, or, in the summer, enjoy a cocktail or the best strawberry cake with my friends in the garden. Don't miss it!



This new trendy bar and restaurant in the old part of town offers excellent snacks and gluten-free pasta, something unfortunately still rare in the catering offer. I have gluten and lactose intolerance so therefore I am even more delighted since I love pasta in a thousand and one ways. Robba is a great place for an early dinner or just a glass of good wine.


The Zvezda Café and Pastry Shop ranks among the best that Ljubljana has to offer when it comes to gourmet pleasures and delicacies.Excellent coffee, natural ice cream and various confectionary: delicious chocolate, fruit, raw, and vegan, and a wide range of macaroons – I personally adore vanilla the


Luxury departement store, located on a exclusive spot in the center of Ljubljana. The beautiful Art Nouveau palace is constituted of 4 floors of high-fashion clothes, accessories and shoes.



At the foot of the Ljubljana Skyscraper and at the edge of the arcade, you can find the Jože Murkovič Salon, which halts the steps of passers-by, charming and calling to them with its conventional but ingenious style. Looking into the Salon through the big shop windows, it seems as though we are entering someone's home through the window.His work focuses on the classic style with a touch of contemporary flair, and their designs utilise special knowledge and cooperation with craft artisans.


Marjan, the owner of the flower shop, has been wrapping presents and creating new flower bouquets for me for years. He knows most of my friends and can tell exactly what flower matches to a person. I fully trust him, because it is always nice to see the satisfaction in the eyes of a loved one to whom you give a bouquet or gift.



Located in the old town, directly across from the Town Hall, the Ikona Department store has come to life in all its glory, offering its visitors fun and a pleasant and unique shopping experience, prestigious fashion icons, accessories and cosmetics and cuisine which gives priority to fresh local ingredients and good wines. All under one roof.